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i'm lay. i'm a lover, creator, dancer, and an aquarius.


Transparencies Two layered ink and marker drawings on transparent paper.
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Forest Fern Creations Domestic USA Follower Give-Away: April
Thank you all for the love and support you continue to show me and for the wise advice and discussion you provide. Likes and reblogs count, you must be a follower and please don’t delete this text. 
What you win: 
A crab carapace
A partial opossum skull
Two white shells
A handmade leather pouch with an arrow ink drawing
A vial filled with parrot feather and rib bones
A dried partial raccoon tail tip
A squirrel tail and feather earring
Rib bone and feather earring pair
A cicada nymph molt
Various vintage lace pieces
Glass microscope slides
A small corked jar filled with toe bones
A wire wrapped opossum jaw bone necklace in need of chain

Thanks again and a winner will be drawn on May 1st. <3


Sailin’ On | Bad Brains

you don't want me anymore,
so I'll just walk right out the door.
Played a game right from the start.
I trust you, you used me
and now my heart's all torn apart.

(via millieisamouse)